HDRW 720/17 Favorites?

Does anyone know how the “FAVORITES” page on the “SCHEDULE” screen works? I have entered shows in the favorites, but they don’t record. Does the schedule screen have to be showing when you close the TV Guide? I have shows set in the “RECORD” page and they record fine. It would seem to be a poor design if you can’t have shows entered in both the record and favorites pages at the same time. I could not find any information in the instructions that address this issue.

i have always wondered what FAVORITES DID… so i searched the manual… here’s what i found
FAVORITE’ (blue button):
The highlighted TV show will be stored together with its start time.
When the start time is reached, a message appears on the screen.

it sounds like nothing more than a message that pops up and shows a tv show is starting… hmm… why you would want to know this instead of just recording the show seems to be kinda worthless

Thanks, bravoland. I was hoping there would be a way to keep shows you want to record on a regular basis in the favorites while freeing up the “record” page for one-time recordings. I know you can set shows on the “record” page for regular recordings, but that ties up timer blocks. Since I only have an antenna hookup, I have found no trouble with the TV Guide program system. My PBS station seems to feed the proper information to update the listings.