Hdrw 720/01 :What dvd drive unit is inside?



mij question is simple: would you please repord what kind of dvd burner unit is installed in your hdrw 720.
Normaly this would be a typical pc dvd rw unit (double layer?)
Mijne is : VAD 8041/01

Why you aske?

The above metioned unit is faulty from factory…

After a short time it no longer recognizes dvd or any other disk!

The unit has a badly assembled laser unit that fails after a short time.

Replacing the unit would be nice ,were it not that the unit is no longer fabrikated…

Olso replacing the unit whit another brand of dvdrw also not workes
I gues the unit is incorporated in the software.

Has anyone ever had simular problems or replaced the unit?

Let me know

(hdrw720 is operating in europe)



Is the HDRW720 under warranty?

I wouldn’t be so sure that it’s the optical pickup which is the problem, because this type of problem is rarely see with this type of machine.

More likely is the different but well-known HDRW720 “No disc” fault, due to an IC chip becoming detached from the circuit board because of the DVD tray movement.


any idea witch ic that would be?



Sorry for the delay: the forum ‘search’ facility isn’t working too well at the moment :confused:.

Anyway, this is the information I was thinking of:


Please feed back to us if you can identify the chip and what success you have… :flower:


Item code: 996500029182


Philips. SA56202TW DVDR610 Motor Control IC with mod

Could be used in other drives than dvdr610 …

I am going to take a look in the next days and wil tell how it went




Data sheet from the chip (its a whopper!)


SA56202TW.zip (86.3 KB)


Great - are you able to identify the IC chip on your board, whether it is near the DVD tray, and if its solder mounting is possibly broken?


i could easely identify the chip but no visuable defects were there…

In the other post the man mentioned that the hole chip was replaced.
This wil be a bit of a problem , is a SMD chip with 28 pens…

First i wil see if i can get the chip en then i let you knof if its working





Where can I find this SA56202TW in other compact disk media (beside dvdr610 and hdrw720)?
Do you know any PC DVD/CD drives with this chip?


Sorry , the only one at this time i know of is the vad type



@dagger38: Were you able to obtain a chip and get your machine working?



I seem to have a similar problem with a Philips DVD725H/02 and a VAD8041/01.
The tray does not open and the DVD725H/02 doesn’t seem to start/boot up.

When the DVD725H/02 is plugged into the TV I do not have a picture or menu displayed. I’m presuming this is due to the blown IC SA56202TW (it’s got a hole burnt into it) in the DVD drive. Can anyone confirm that no picture/menu is a symptom of a defective DVD drive? After all, I’m not too keen on splashing out and replacing the IC in the DVD drive, only to find out that something else has also failed.

The TV recognizes the DVD725H/02 when it is plugged into a SCART, because it switches to the input source socket.

I have requested a quote for this kit 996500029182 and depending on the price will be ordering it.

Has anyone else had any luck in finding this DVD drive. All I’m getting here in Germany is that it is no longer supplied.


Seam problem.

The SA56202TW is blown, and no picture is displayed.
I have orderd the 996500029182 SA56202TW DVDR610 Motor Control IC with mod to day.
I will post the results when i have repaced the SA562002TW.
If anyone is intrested i can also make some pictures of the repair process.


If you could indeed take some pictures and document the repair process, that would make a good sticky thread :iagree:.


I came here from google, looking for help with the VAD8041/01 Drive I have in my DVDR600VR/37 VCR/DVDR combo.

Philips says my warranty is up, even though I purchased it in February. They are refusing to cover me!

So, I decided to fix it myself, but I am finding that this drive is hard to remove.

The post Dagger38 made describes my problems with this drive IDENTICALLY. We ran the product just fine for four months, and then, it kicked the bucket. When you load a disc (CD, DVD, Cleaner, it doesn’t matter) into the drive, you will hear a high picked ‘revving’ that pulsates, and then winds down. The display says that there is ‘no disc’. When I tried to explain this to Philips support, both times I was spoken to as if this was just a dirty lens. Then I was accused of damaging the product myself. I have done nothing out of the ordinary as far as operating the machine.

I know you people probably can’t help me fix this, as even if you gave me step-by-step instructions I would fail miserably, and the repair costs were quoted to me at $350, more than what I paid for my machine, and twice as much as a reasonable replacement.

I just wanted to jump on here and add that the problem DOES exist. It is a manufacturer’s defect, and unfortunately, I got the raw end of the deal.


No way can your warranty be up. Which country are you in, and what is the stated warranty period? Also, I am assuming you have proof of purchase.


I have a Magnavox MRV640 that has a Philips VAD8041/01 Drive and does exactly the same thing Frissley decribes, “no disc” error. I took it out of the box, but didn’t see how to open the drive up. It looks like it is riveted. If there is a loose chip I would like to know.


Got the service manual for the unit

Link below (four part rar file pdf doc)


Have just sended a email to PHILIPS ? we wait!


I’m back.

I contacted Philips three times. All three times I was told that I needed to fax a copy of my POP to their Entitlements. I did so. When I called back, I was told that they weren’t going to pay for it because the warranty had defaulted.

I was understandably upset, so I took my unit to a certified repair specialist for diagnosis.

The guy called me back a week later and said that it was the optic pickup inside the DVD drive that was faulty. That is clearly NOT my doing. You can’t even reach the optic pickup via normal use.

So, tomorrow, I am going to fax, yet again, a copy of my POP, a copy of the last page of my user’s manual (that states 12 months parts/labor from Date of PURCHASE) as well as a copy of my repair estimate. I have the unit back. I did not have the $250 to pay for the repair ($160 for this pickup thing, as it is a special order, and the rest is labor and taxes).

I don’t expect them to offer to pay for the replacement, but I just wanted them to know what garbage they sold me, and that I will never buy Philips again. I am very disappointed.


Hi there,

It seems I have exactly the same problem with my dvdr 730/01 with that
VAD 8041/01 inside as Frissley describes…
My warranty period is over and after reading all posts about service prices for fixing it I’m really dissappointed… it is not worthy to fix it and 400 bucks is just gone. (that was the purchase price)
So if anybody has some more ideas - please tell.