HDR720/17: Are Guide Problems Being Worked On?

Ever since I started using the HDRW720/17 (2 Years) I have constantly been fighting the “Re-Setup of the TV Guide” issue. It seems to become stupid and forget where it resides and prompts me to go through the setup. This happens anywhere from a span of a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Several discussions from other users in this forum have already indicated that they too suffer from this problem. I have tried a whole bunch of different things, but never have resolved it.

Well, yesterday instead of the setup screen, I had a new screen popup that I have not seen before. When I turned on the unit, it immediately had a screen up and prompted me to pick one of three (1 of 3) optional guides based on certain networks matched with specific channels. In the past I only had two choices for my area. These were brand new choices asking me if MSNBC was on one channel along with ESPN. I can only hope that this is some sign that someone is trying to resolve the guide issues and hopefully fix the guide problems that so many of us have been plagued with.

Has anyone had this happen?

i have not experienced this yet… this upcoming weekend i will be resetting the 720 in the living room… i’ll let you know if i see this