Hdr10+ & mkv


Has anyone had a chance at ripping an HDR10+ disc yet? I realize there are very few out, but I would love to know if the MKV container supports it since it is an ‘open’ standard.


is there a maintained list of titles? i see some old lists…

it’ll be a long while before i have a capable display as my 2016 LG OLED is unlikely to support it via firmware update


Probably somewhere. Hell, I’m sure I own some, but don’t know which ones. I’m picking up Bad Times at the El Royale today and I believe it is supposed to be.

I don’t have an HDR10+ capable TV either, but it would be nice to know. I am starting to see HDR10+ gaining traction and if it can be backed up as opposed to DV I may swing for a new TV with the feature in the future.


found an article where LG states they won’t support it. just HDR10 and DV.

which really just means they are waiting this out.

need to read up on it. i think DV will eventually be supported in an mkv container (seems with compromise now MP4 supports DV)


I would like to also know about this. When you try to rip Bad Times at the El Royale give us an update if HDR10+ is supported in MakeMKV. I don’t know how it works but if it’s similar to DV, then you should see two video layers, if it’s some kind of embed like Dolby Atmos then that would be more interesting.


As soon as MakeMKV or DeUHD adds title support I’ll let everyone know.


I ripped bad times at the el royale earlier today and looks like HDR10+ seems just like Atmos in the TrueHD, just aditional metadata. How they created an aditional data for the HDR10+ inside the already HDR10 metadata is beyond my understanding.


How are you seeing that?


I ripped it full disc backup, scanned with mediainfo and there’s only one video layer so it must be there inside the HDR10 layer. I don’t have an HDR10+ display so I can’t confirm if it works, but strangely according to media info the bitrate is a monstruous 130 Mbps.


there was a reference on a site explaining it uses something called an InfoFrame which is part of the HDMI 2.0 spec that allows for 24KB of metadata. i assume on a frame by frame basis. basically seems as if there is some extra data block that is generally unused that can store the metadata without a separate video stream.

pure speculation but seems logical

AV equip supporting HdMI 2.0 should probably just need a firmware upgrade (my oppo 203 will have one) but sadly LG so far has said no since they license DV

i bet mkv will easily support this


That’s also what bothers me, I’ve got a Basic HDR10 display and I’m not upgrading to DV or HDR10+ until manufacturers stop screwing us and include both on a single display. Right now it seems rather you have Dolby Vision, or HDR10+.


the fact that LG says no leads me to believe they have an agreement with Dolby that possibly pevents them or maybe gives them a discount on licensing for not including HDR10+, since it seems it’s backwards compatible and also free to license and use.


That’s just an excuse in my opinion, although I can understand it from their point of view, the end result is the same: A war of licensing contracts preventing from manufacturing a display that gives us both. When are they going to learn that we are not going to choose or buy 2 displays. They don’t care what consumers want, if they did they would realize that we want a display that can handle all HDR formats.
Kinda reminds me of the days of Blu-ray vs HD-DVD where they said it wasn’t a war, just licensing matters bla bla bla. I’ve read so many titles from articles that state “There’s no HDR format war” which is completely untrue as I would call format war when you have to buy 2 separate displays in order to enjoy all the formats.

I hope I’m wrong and someone releases a display that can handle both soon.


One from FOX:



So anyone with a 2018/19 Samsung 4K HDR TV verify whether HDR10+ is retained in an MKV? Of course, I have no idea what the playback method might be at this point as I don’t believe any streaming box supports HDR10+ at this point. Maybe an internal app on the TV?


Lot’s of Panasonic & the Oppo Players support HDR10+ so if someone has those then it’s easy to verify. I have an Oppo 203 but not an HDR10+ display.


Good point about the BD players with HDR10+ support. Just need someone with a Samsung display to test it.