HDMI to DVI - no HDCP Support?

Newby here. I’ve read some threads about this subject, but they all seam to be a couple of years old. So hopefully, there is new info…?

I am trying to connect either an older NEC monitor or an older Viewsonic monitor to my new tv cable receiver via an HDMI to DVI connection.

I can view the cable menus and other stuff, but can’t view the actual TV programming - I’m getting the message “Your television cannot display this video service over HDMI. Monitor does not support HDCP. (H1001).”

Short of buying a new monitor or new tv, or a $100 HDCP killer, are there any options? I have 3 monitors, and it seems a waste of $ to have to buy some thing new.


I got around this issue on a Gateway monitor by using a component video connection. Unfortunately most monitors don’t have component connections.

Nope, no component connections on any of the 3 monitors. Only the DVI, and a DSub, which I understand is lessor quality. Would I have the same HDCP issue with an HDMI to DSub connection? Does this type of connection exist?

HDMI & DVI are both Digital, while D-Sub is an analog connection.

Before I’d think about spending $100 on an HDCP killer consider that a bit of shopping would net you a new 24" HDMI 1920x1080 LED-backlight monitor for <$150

So while you seen some solution short of a new monitor, I’m not sure that there is another route to where you want to be that is either practical or worth the aggravation.

You might want to look at this HDMI splitter that removes HDCP. (an HDCP stripper)

Look through the last few pages of this thread over at Videohelp.com where they talk about this device and a few others like it: http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/334145-HDCP-strippers/page11

At $39 it may be the least expensive option. One caveat, I haven’t used it myself, but there are many reliable posters in that thread, jagabo especially.

Something like this might be worth taking a chance on: