HDMI sound



Does anyone know of any recievers that can separate and decode the 7.1 sound carried on an HDMI signal? I’ve see ads claiming that HDMI can deliver picture and sound to a tv… but I have more than one HDMI signals that I switch between using my receiver, an STR-DG810… obviously this receiver can only act as a video switch concerning the HDMI inputs… but I would like to find a head unit that can separate the sound from the video signal, processs the sound through the stereo and output the video signal out my projector…

Additionally, I’m going to start building a computer to dedicate to my entertainment room… I’ve never built a computer before so I’m looking for suggestions on motherboards, HDCP video cards, possibly a video card with HDMI out instead of DVI… and I’ll also be looking for a fairly high end sound card that I can channel through the stereo and take advantage of all 7 speakers and the sub…

Any suggestions???


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I think you would be better served by looking in the Getting Started With High-Definition forum: