HDMI or analog? (Panasonic DMR-EZ48VKDVD Recoder)

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DMR-EZ48VKDVD Recoder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Just ordered Panasonic DMR-EZ48VK and it’s on its way. Reading owners manual on the net , I’m confused about hookup. I thought if you used HDMI that you needed to use no other cables My TV is Panasonic PT-56DLX75 which has HDMI connector.48VK owners manual shows illustration of HDMI cable from rear of 48VK to rear of TV, but also shows 3 way rca type connector, red, white and yellow, audio L and R and video from rear of 48Vk to rear of TV. I’m thinking this may be for analog signal but not sure. What is proper way to do it. :confused:

All you need is a HDMI cable, digital/analog DVD/VHS will all be outputted over HDMI.
BTW be sure to turn HDMI control on both the EZ-48v and your Panny TV. That way you’ll get automatic input switching on your TV when you push PLAY on your DVDR among other automatic features.

:confused: CD freaks won’t let you update or add to a post:sad:
Anyway I was going to add to the above post(but was restricted from doing so) I think the reason they showed both cables in the manual is because only the A/V cable is included, the HDMI cable is optional.

Cool , Thanks JJ

You is allrite man , come hook it up for me :Panny TV, Reciever, dvd/vcr , turntable, Muntz 4 & 8 track player, cassette recorder, and last but not least reel to reel tape deck.Opps forgot satellite dish. Enough wires back there to strangle an anaconda. LOL

Hey JJ , help me out again. My EZ48V got here today. Cant figure out how to watch one channel while taping a different channel. I don’t think it can be done.

In recent months my set-up has become even more complex than it was in September 2008 when it was as simple as this:

[QUOTE=garye19355;2302318]Hey JJ , help me out again. My EZ48V got here today. Cant figure out how to watch one channel while taping a different channel. I don’t think it can be done.[/QUOTE]

There are simple and complex ways to watch one channel while recording another. Here is the simple way:

Put a splitter on the coax cable and feed one side to the TV, the other side to the EZ48. Then connect an EZ48 output to an input on your TV. Use the TV remote to select between inputs.

If you are OTA and only have a analog tuner TV you’ll need to put a CECB(or digital to analog converter box) into the mix.

[QUOTE=garye19355;2302318]Hey JJ , help me out again. My EZ48V got here today. Cant figure out how to watch one channel while taping a different channel. I don’t think it can be done.[/QUOTE]

Just so you’ll know, a “digital signal” cannot be recorded to videotape as there is no decoder for that purpose. Digital and analog signals may be recorded to DVDs.

Addendum: I just noticed that you have satellite service. With satellite service you’ll not be using the EZ48 digital tuner–it’s being bypassed when you record through composite or RF inputs–and everything you record will have been downconverted to the analog format. Unless your satellite receiver has two tuners your EZ48 will be enslaved to whatever the satellite tuner is outputting. As Jeff mentioned you may set up a second signal source (such as a CECB and antenna for your local broadcast stations) connected to an EZ48 composite or RF input. That will allow recording from one signal source and watching a different signal source. A CECB also downconverts “digital signals” to the analog format that may be recorded to videotape or DVD. Your only way to record “digital signals” is through the EZ48 model’s built-in ATSC/clear QAM tuner.

Welcome to the Analog Age!

Thx Diga. That’s a lot of info for 75 year old newbee. Nothing is f’n easy. LOL. Maybe should have stayed with my old 10’ satellite:rolleyes: What is CECB? We still have uhf/vhf antenna mounted and connected to both our tv’s, just figured they were dead. We have Dish network with there built in recorders for 2 rooms , I looked at rear of sat reciever and input coax has splitter and they are both attached to rear of sat reciever , so maybe I do have 2 tuners??? I really need to be able to watch and record diff channels.:bow: Anything else seems like a backward step.

CECB=Coupon Eligible Converter Box, it’s a 480i OTA (over the air) Digital to analog converter box for use with TVs, DVDRs, VCRs etc. that only have a analog tuner. The EZ-48v has a digital tuner but if your TV doesn’t and you want to watch one OTA channel while recording a different one then you’ll need to either upgrade your TV to digital or buy a CECB for anywhere from $0 to ~$20 with a government coupon.

Thanks JJ, good info. We have 56" Panny HD digital for sure , LOL. I think the box thing might work as you and Diga both said. On a new tact, our Dish Network receiver ios dual tuner so we can watch and record to the receiver , I dont know but i’m thinking there is a harddrive in there . Can that be accessed to burn to disc? The chit gets deeper, lmao seeya

The easiest way to offload a DVR is to burn in realtime to a DVDR like your EZ-48v. You use the S-video out(or composite) of your DVR and feed that to your S-video in(or composite) of your DVDR. Push play on your DVR and REC on your Panny, unfortunately it will be realtime and any OSD you push while playing your DVR will become a permanent part of your DVD recording. It’s about you only option for getting things off a Satellite DVR. Using a Panasonic in speeds under ~3hrs/disc should give you very good results, although not HD.