HDMI, HD and Media Connect

I’m interesting in a machine with the following requirements:

  • hdmi connection
  • hd dvd player
  • support for windows media connect or other network media interface
    I found the following searching the internet but none of them have good recommendations:
  • Helios X5000
  • Kiss 1600 or DP600
  • Linksys DMS 320RD
  • HP x5400 (no DVD)
    Is there any more reliable manufacturer in this industry that supports these features?

Cheaper and better to build your own. Get an ATX case with at least 450watt PSU and a motherboard. Then add the parts that you want.

So there is nothing with these features?
You mean to build a Media Center PC? With CPU, hard disk etc? Or I can skip the CPU and hard disk and have only the rest of the stuff? Is this possible?

You need a case with PSU, motherboard, CPU, Memory, and Hard Drive. If you use an integrated motherboard with on board sound and video and Lan, you have a computer. But if you want HDMI, it is cheaper to get your own video card. Another way is to get a bare bones PC and add your own peripherals. For one thing, only a few PC Monitors have an HDMI input. There is also a DVI to HDMI adapter.