Is there really any difference between the 20.00 dollar cord vs. the 99.99 dollar or more? A cord is a cord right?


Slightly older, but still valid, opinions: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f147/hdmi-cables-brand-differences-233558/


Thanks Albert. The length I will need is 3 feet or less.


For under 1 meter there is “generally” no difference between a cheap and expensive cable.

THe longer the distance the more need there is for a quality cable.


If you buy these cables from places like “www.monoprice.com” then you pay only %10 of the price if you buying them from “BB, CC or CUSA”.


Over short runs the only real difference between the 20.00 and 99.99 cable is that you will be 79.99 out of pocket buying the expensive one.


I have shorts and long HDMI cables from monoprice.com. The longest I tried is 35 ft (DVI to HDMI) and it works fine.


I just ordered and received the 15ft 15HD SVGA/SVGA CL2 compliance cable from monoprice.com for $7.6 + $4.8(shipping) for connecting my laptop or even destop to my 40" Samsung Plasma TV.


Thanks all I went with a 6 footer and went with the gold plated as well as the cord saying HDMI on the ends too.


HDMI is digital, digital signal either gets there or not.

signal can’t get weaker or degrade


Any signal regardless digital or analog reduces by many factor (e.g. Inductance, Resistance &… of the wire or cable).


[QUOTE=Dr. Who;2110773]Is there really any difference between the 20.00 dollar cord vs. the 99.99 dollar or more? A cord is a cord right?[/QUOTE]

The real question is there a difference between the $3.89 cord and the $10. LOL

Monoprice rules and I saw one at GOTAPEX.com dirt cheap.



Two very important things-

Buy the correct version (i.e. 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3) that matches the highest spec of your equipment - to insure the best transmission of both video AND audio-

Buy only as long a [B][I]cable[/I][/B] (it is NOT a freakin’ [B][I]cord[/I][/B]) as you need-


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