HDMI cable from monoprice

OK I am going to order a HDMI cable from monoprice for a friend to test out.

He has a couple of HDTV’s with plenty of HDMI outputs and had just bought a Philips DVP3960 Up-scaling player and I want to make sure I am getting the right cable.

Is this the one I need?



Yep, at least these are the cables and connectors that are used in Europe.

Thought so, well I ordered two for $15 shipped, if they work out good what a deal.

I got two last year from Best Buy $119 ea total $240 ( monster cable ) over price :doh:

I hope you get the right ones Mega. I cannot find a layout for the components.

Thanks, I am pretty sure they are the right ones.

Should find out in a day or 2 :slight_smile: