HDMI Cable Difference?

I’ve read alot of posts about people not paying the outrageous “best buy” type prices for hdmi cables and going with amazon or monoprice cables for like $4-$10 or so… is there a difference between all of these cables? Or are they all the same? Is there a difference b/t 1.3 and one that doesnt state its 1.3? is there a difference b/t 1.3 and 1.3b or c? i’m in the market for some new cables but i dont want to break the bank unless i absolutely have to. any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

I purchased mine at monoprice, cos yes BB type or similar store prices are “outrageous” for same/similar product…

In most instances, they either work or they don’t. There’s no reason to pay a lot for a brand such as Monster Cable…for HDMI or any other type of cable.

Here’s a ‘fancy’ one that will do the job nicely.



I got three six foot male/male 1.3b - 28 gauge cables offa Meritline for like $9 shipped-eh!!!