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I just posted the article HDI’s DUNE BD Prime Blu-ray review.

The Hybrid player has seen the light and we will check if it is worth that light or not. Strap on, as here comes the review…

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And already an update… HDI’s Dune BD Prime and HD Center seem to broaden their chances on the market by showing the units will heavily be supported with updates. HDI must have thought let’s show them how we do things as even though the player cannot be purchased at this stage, a quite good update is already launched. The change list is concentrating around subtitles for international use, internal / external subtitle are enhanced and tune the overall convenience of the player where customers might get stuck. This is a great move in our opinion as with the easy menus and integration of a lot of useful tools and Blu-ray, being a convenient player just offers an extra edge to it. The firmware seems to address a lot of remarks made during the review which means they listen to feedback and react quite fast. Changes in the new firmware =========================== - Added support for playback of Bluray folders. - Press PLAY on a folder with Bluray disk structure (the folder must contain “BDMV” subfolder) to play it. - Bluray menus are supported. - BDJ is supported. - NOTE: Folders only are supported so far; ISO images are not supported yet (may be supported in future, but not fully sure yet) - NOTE: Good media read performance is needed for playback of most Bluray disks, especially high-bitrate ones. Read speed must exceed the maximum bitrate with a good reserve. USB HDD is suitable, NFS may be suitable depending on network/server, SMB is not suitable in most cases. - Test results: - Kinds of performed tests: - Dune’s built-in file read test (to check network throughput). - Playback of BD1: bitrate peaks greater than 40 Mbit/s. - Playback of BD2: continuous bitrate regions greater than 45 MBit/s. - NTFS USB HDD: - Read test: ~20 MB/sec. - BD1: OK. - BD2: OK. - 100Mbit Ethernet, NFS, x86/Linux NFS server: - Read test: ~9 MB/sec. - BD1: OK. - BD2: OK. - 100Mbit Ethernet, NFS, WinXP + HaneWin NFS server: - Read test: ~5.5 MB/sec. - BD1: OK. - BD2: stutters. - 100Mbit Ethernet, SMB, WinXP: - Read test: ~5.5 MB/sec. - BD1: stutters. - BD2: stutters. - 1Gbit Ethernet, NFS, x86/Linux NFS server: - Read test: ~14 MB/sec. - BD1: OK. - BD2: OK. - 1Gbit Ethernet, NFS, WinXP + HaneWin NFS server: - Read test: ~16 MB/sec. - BD1: OK. - BD2: OK. - 1Gbit Ethernet, SMB, WinXP: - Read test: ~9.5 MB/sec. - BD1: OK. - BD2: stutters. - NOTE: SMB may not be suitable for very high bitrate playback even when the read test shows good numbers. The reason is that SMB processing eats much more CPU power in comparison with NFS (and Bluray playback needs a lot of CPU power for its own needs). - Added support for more languages in subtitles. - Now supported: - Western European languages (CP-1252). - Cyrillic languages (CP-1251). - Hebrew (CP-1255). - Support for all languages is provided for all cases: - External subtitle files using 8-bit encoding (codepage). - External subtitle files using Unicode UTF-8 encoding. - MKV-embedded subtitles (Unicode). - For external subtitle files, the encoding/codepage is autodetected by default; the encoding can also be specified explicitly via Setup / Misc / Encodings / “Subtitles encoding” setting. - Improved subtitles visualization: outline instead of background shading. - Fixed issue with subtitles cutting on first unsupported character. - Improved the default vertical position of subtitles. (Goal: place subtitles exactly in the black area below 2.35:1 movies). - Added possibility to adjust the vertical position of subtitles. - Press “SUBTITLE” button, then use “UP” and “DOWN” buttons to adjust the vertical position. - The adjustment is remembered persistently. - Added support for .SUB (MicroDVD) format of external subtitle files. - Improved compatibility with .SRT external subtitle files (added support for some non-standard but nevertheless sometimes used syntax variations). - Added Setup options to control the behavior of “ENTER” and “PLAY” remote buttons on media files. - Possible choices: “Play single file”, “Generate playlist”. - The default is as in NMT (“ENTER” plays single file, “PLAY” generates playlist). - Added Setup option to control the behavior of “ENTER” remote button on folders with DVD-Video/Bluray backups. - Possible choices: “Play”, “Open”, “Ask user”. - The default is “Ask user”. - Improved “screenshot with EJECT button” feature: - A detailed description/warning is shown when the user attempts to enable it. - On screenshot capturing errors (e.g. no storage is attached), a better message is shown on the front panel display: {“SHOT”, “FAILED”} instead of just “ERROR”. - In file browser mode, a notification about both succesful and failed screenshots is shown not only on the front panel display, but also on TV. - Improved Setup structure: - A new section “Applications” introduced, which includes subsections for the configuration of all extra “top level” features: - Torrent client. - Web browser. - IPTV menu. - Internet Radio menu. - Digital Signage. - Dune HD movies service demo. - Slightly improved zoom for file and DVD-Video playback. - Captions of standard zoom presets simplified. - Help on available remote buttons is shown for custom zoom mode. - Added WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet hardware support (was not included into the previous FW). - Supported hardware: - USB WiFi 802.11n D-Link DWA-140. - MiniPCI WiFi 802.11n (RALink RT2860 chipset). - MiniPCI Gigabit Ethernet (Realtek RTL8110 chipset). - Limitation: for now, it is possible to choose WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet network connection kind in Setup even if the corresponding hardware is not installed; this may confuse the user. This problem will be addressed in future fw. - Minor improvements in some icons/captions.


Hi, Good thorough review, Is it planned to have onboard decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio codecs and output over the analogue outputs to older recievers that dont have HDMI? Thanks


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yes, there’s a list of enhancements where consumers can vote… The most voted features willb be implemented first… http://hdi.co.il/features/ The list is valid for both BD Center and HD Prime. Notice that the design of the HD Center has changed vs the one that was shown on their page. They updated the page now after releasing the player and seeing the amount of people noticing the differences…


But what about the quality of the image? Did i missed the paragraph describing about the quality of the image?? thanks William!


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