hdFab vesion 5 and battlestar Galactica disk 3




I have copied off BSG disk 3 using dvdfab5 which seemed to work fine.
Next I reauthored the files using dvdshrink to create the 4 episodes i want to keep.
Using those 4 files i then used simpledivx 1.40.25 to convert to divx.

However I get a mencoder error as soon as i start the conversion.
This method worked fine with disks 1 and 2 so is something more tricky with disk3?

The vob files play fine with vlc.

thanks for your time

Martin N


Which Series?


try running the Vob files through FixVTS. I too convert to DivX but not with DVDFab I use DivX Pro and DivX Author to make menus.
anyway try the FixVTS before using DVD Shrink, have a nice day :flower:


[QUOTE=gkinghrn;2097573]Which Series?[/QUOTE]

Darn sorry for leaving that out - Its series 3.

Its just weird that it would happen 3 disks in.
I would of thought if i was going to have protection problems that they would occur on the first disk.