In my old PI-150 is a 850Mb HDD. Problem: a lot of bad sectors. When I try to low level format it using my BIOS (AMD), formatting stops because the BIOS can’t correct the errors. Does anybody know how to get this HDD formatted and running again???

Greetz 2u-all


maybe dumb idea ?

Make a boot disk (in dos use = sys a: ) and put format + f-disk etc on that disk an use that disk to boot and format the hd

Did that once with my sister’s pc and it worked

Hope it helps you



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How bout finding a good container and throw it in there?!


To do a low level format it is neccessary to first check manufacturers web page to see if they have available a low level format utility.
ALWAYS use that if possible in preference to the BIOS low level.
If it still will not format then it obviously means the drive is NO BLOODY GOOD!


Long, long, very long time ago I used to use the utility SPINRITE for lowlevel formatting my disks WITHOUT DATA LOSS!. It does this sector by sector, copying the data away, low level format it, verifies it, copies back the data.

Used to work great on my 286

Don’t know of the app still exists.



Thanx… that’s some help…
One problem, does anybody know where I can download Spinrite? There are no shareware or whatever versions availabel, so I need an illegal copy… can anybody help me doing that?
I also looked up the manufacturers site but no low level formatting utility there!