Sorry if the below issues have been bought up a number of times, this is my first post in this forum. Just some questions that I have been pondering recently. 

I wish to back up my photos on my PC, about 60GB, and growing. Shall I backup the data onto DVD-RAM, or hdd?

The reason that I asked because DVD-RAM media is still very expensive, and hdd is very affordable nowadays. However, I am not sure if I did not access the data on hdd once in a while, will the data be lost? If I did not turn on the hdd often, will it spoilt easily?

In addition, it is very difficult to find DVD-RAM media, therefore, I am thinking whether if it is worth the money in investing in DVD-RAM media. Will DVD-RAM RIP soon? 

For your info, I am using Benq DW1670, so any media, except BlueRay and HD (or HDD?) should not be an issue to me. Please feel free to suggest any media should you think it is better. Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you experts.


For me I would backup to a large flash drive or HDD, and a do have DVD Ram I could use.

Have you consider using DVD-/+R or DVD+R DL media to backup your photo and data. The media are less expensive. If you access the photo alot then I would say go with a extra HDD that you save all you photo to but if you occasionally need them wen needed then I would say go optical media for long term storage then keep them well protected from damage and UV. IMO I would go HDD if you access them frequently for viewing or projects and Optical media storage if you occasionally need to view or import the photo. Each has good and bad points to consider.

It sounds as though this 60 GB of photos needs to be archived in such a way as to guarantee its survivability. HDDs are cheap and so is quality dvd media such as Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden.

Frankly, I would archive to both HDD and DVD +R/-R…neither cost much these days.
Infrequent access to a HDD should not shorten its life expectancy.

Here’s an excellent article on HDD failures:

Thanks for all the reply. I do not think I will access those archive so frequently. Afterall, I will still keep them in my current HDD, so I can access it any time I want.

As for the DVD+r/-r, will they last long if I keep them in dry box? Roughly how long will they last?

will they last long if I keep them in dry box? Roughly how long will they last?

No one can give you a definite answer on that. One factor will be the quality of the burn, which will depend on what media you use and on what burner. One size does not fit all. I would avoid DVD+R[B] DL[/B] media though as these are expensive and quality burns are iffy.

Many folks use cheap Lite-on burners and do Nero Disc Quality tests. If you search these forums you can probably find some for your drive.