Hdd to ps2

Two quick questions…I already have a modded Ps2(swap magic) but would like to know if their is anyway you can do it the same way as the xbox seeing how their are usb ports and an expansion slot on back my understanding is for hd fo online game…Has anyone tried this or is it a crazy idea?Im just more pleased with xbox modding

All I know is that it is possible to build in a hard disk into a PS2. Don’t ask me how because I haven’t got a clue. You’re right when you say that there is an expansion for a hard disk in the PS2 and with some new chip it’s possible to use the hard disk, just as you would on the Xbox.

can any one tell me how to get hdd loader free download.thanx

[QUOTE=wisam;2284064]can any one tell me how to get hdd loader free download.thanx[/QUOTE]

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