HDD Replacement question



Dumb question, to upgrade to a SSD drive do you just remove the existing HDD and replace it with the SSD? I know the bios probably be reset for the replacement. Went on Google and am still not 100% clear, needed some expert advice. T.I.A.


If it’s a SATA HDD, then yes, although if its a PC rather than a laptop, you will most likely need a 3.5 inch to 2.5 converter bracket to mount the SSD in the PC. Check your case, and see if it has a 2.5 inch mounting solution. Most modern PC cases do have an SSD mount (2.5 inch).

If its a single drive laptop, then it’s a simple matter of removing the HDD and installing the SSD.

Before installing Windows on the SSD, then make sure SATA is set to AHCI mode rather than IDE.


Thanks for the reply Dee its a Dell XPS 8700 desktop.+ Don’t see a SSD mount, although on the botton there is a opening with a screen similar to on optic drive slot, but no wiring behind it, as my Lenovo K450 SSD mount has.


All you need is something like the following.


Thanks again Dee, I have this mount on a 125G in my Lenovo, again, do not see a similar mounting in my Dell, do I remove the old drive and set this in its place,BTW, I have the HDD backed up on another exterior HDD


Purchase a 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch converter bracket.
Take the HDD out its mount in the PC.
Fit the SSD in the converter bracket.
Mount the converter bracket where the HDD was.
Connect up the SATA power and data leads to the SSD, and your done.


Thanks again Dee, thought this was the porcedure, just needed a pro (like yourself),


Dee, Just to be sure that would be a 3.5" to 2.5" not the reverse, the link you gave me showed a 2.5 to 3.5 sorry to be such a pain.


durkinjt it’s actually the same thing

You will be taking the 2.5 SDD and putting it in a HDD 3.5 computer slot bracket


The one linked to on ebay says location UK, but user based in China - I’ve just waited for one on a slow boat from China from a trader on amazon

The most common style is the single “U”, with the 2.5 drive anchored by the bottom screws and the assembly fixed by the sides.

There are others which allow TWO 2.5 drives to be fitted in a single 3.5 bay - handy if you want turbo nutter speed by using SSDs in RAID.