HDD ? RAID Boot drive Only for O.S.?

RAID Boot drive Only for O.S.? :confused:

I don’t know what the difference is with using my WD RAPTOR as a boot drive for the OS and apps, then using my 500GB for storage…OR someone telling me to RAID the 74GB, then put ONLY my Operating system on it. Isn’t that the same thing?

Is there any way, (or do I even want to) Install the O.S. on the 74GB Raptor, then install programs to the storage Drive? Or do they all belong on the same drive? I’m trying to use more resources on my Photoshop and Studio Pinnacle Video Editing.
I presently have three internal hard drives.

Western Digital 74GB RAPTOR,
Western Digital 500GB HDD, and a newly bought
Western Digital 2 TB Caviar Green HDD, which will also be used for saving huge video files.

When I installed XP Home 32 Bit, a few years ago, I used the WD Raptor for boot drive for the O.S. and installed programs, and the 500GB for storage.

In using Pinnacle Studio 15HD, it installs different files all over the boot drive and the 500GB storage drive, and it’s very hard to know where all these needed files are, also need to increase resources when I use both Photoshop and Studio.

Someone mentioned to use ONLY the WD 74GB RAPTOR to boot my operating system by USING RAID, and use both the other two drives for applications, and storage….is this an accepted way to configure a system so the O.S. and programs works faster, and more efficient? Thank you!

I have not used the RAID option before, and wondered if it’s hard to do? I can’t wait to dump XP and get the Pro Win7, so I’m upgrading MoBo hardware first.

Now I’m thinking of just using my 74GB Raptor for an extra Storage HDD, then using the 500GB for my boot drive. BUT ….the consensus is that the Raptor is faster for apps and OS.

Thanks again?

No you can choose where the program files install when you install the custom software you bought onto a different drive that is. The Root drive will always want to be on the C:\ drive regardless otherwise it won’t boot properly. I would use the raptor for the O/S drive and then use the other drive for the install software but if you wanted more room. Install all the O/S and your aftermarket software onto the Root drive but the data and created files would be stored onto the 500G drive so that if the Raptor ever fails all you lost were the installed files but no data or files you created after the install and all you have to do is replace or reinstall the O/S onto the Main root drive and install you software and then retrieve the data from the 500G thus saving time having to recreate them or totally loose all the valuable data. And that would leave the 2tb fee for video or audio files. That is how my setup is

320G Main C:\ with installed programs and my 5 other drives separate out to one being data and the others video and audio storage drives. So that if the main ever goes out I didn’t loose any important or valuable data.

Videoguys.com had a great article on the perfect video setup. It involved using a raid 5 setup for video files. A little spend though. I would run OS and software from a raptor, then raid two spinpoint f3 drives…