HDD Problems - Acronis Q



my main HDD (C & D partitions) has started to get some problems, i ran a check disc, it came back with errors etc, so i’ll stick another HDD in.

question is, if i use acronis true image clone disc, will the image work ok, due to the errors on the main drive?


I believe it will copy the errors also if you make a bit for bit image of your
OS and programs on your hdd unless you are talking about it being some
mechanical errors on the hdd itself then that should be no it wouldn’t copy
those mechanical errors it would just copy the OS and programs.



i’m trying to see if ATI can make an image without the errors, it failed the last try


There should be an option in Acronis to ignore reading errors, but it’s disabled by default.

The Acronis user interface is randomly reshuffled in each new version, so I won’t even try to attempt explaining where to find this option, but look for something like “Error handling” and “Ignore bad sectors”.


cheers drage, i found it, but the ATI says it was terminated by me :confused: when i try to back up with ignoring the errors


The time to clone your hard drive is BEFORE it gets screwed up.

AFTER it is screwed up there is little point.

What I’d do in your situation is install a virgin drive in the computer
reinstall the OS on that drive then “data mine” your data off the failing drive.

As soon as you have all your data and settings working correctly on the new drive clone it again, to another new or new-ish hard drive.

Frankly if an OS screws up on me I never again trust the drive it was on
regardless of what testing shows it as good.

I’ve taken drives that others tested as “good”, copied them full of mp4 files
with CRC information included, and found errors, repeatable errors, when copying files back off of the drive, errors that were not on the parent source…

Frankly I consider my time to be worth a minimum of $75/hr
if a failed hard drive costs me an hour due to it’s failure it’s cheaper to replace the drive so I don’t need to restore everything twice

Time is money, drives are cheaper than time



Same here I only use the working prior image of the HDD that was installed with working programs to recover any bad installs after and then with the good image back reinstall all the programs and updates and make a new image with Acronis and then save that image and then I am back in business. That how I found out to save the headache and frustration of getting my data back. But with anything one must backup their important data and saved files.