HDD problem



The HDD browser menu on my Liteon LVW 5045 is empty in spite of the fact that there are several recordings on the HDD. This makes it impossible to copy recordings from HDD to DVD because the machine doesn’t think they’re there. The only way I can be sure they are there is to use the tools menu “play last recording” - and there it is!
Defrag doesn’t work.
Can anyone help?


Did you check the manual and firmware upgrade yet? You probably need to close the sessions or something.


Instead of replying, addison60334 accidentally reported this thread. I’m posting his intended reply here:

[I]My problem is solved. I eventually wiped my precious programs from the HDD and it suddenly started to behave normally again. I assume that one or more of the programs was corrupt and preventing the browser menu from appearing.
The problem, mentioned by many people, about the liteon rejecting blank DVDs also gave me trouble, but after using 8X or 4X discs instead of the more usual 16X, this problem is cured.
Thanks to Mr. Belvedere for his comment. [/I]