HDD physically damaged


Last week I dropped the hdd ( an old Conner CT210; 10 GB ) of my girlfriend, it fell down and guess what - it’s broken. ( we wanted to transfer all data to her laptop because her pc is defective )
If I attach it to my computer the bios still detects it correctly, but the only thing I hear is some spinning, strange noises and thats it. Then it stops. Even my own system refuses to boot if her drive is attached, the system locks up after drive detection of the bios. The problem is now that the data must be recovered because there are essential files for her work on the drive… a professional solution would cost around 1500 € - not really a solution also because my liability insurance does not pay the data recovery, only the value of the hdd:( .

Does anyone of you have any idea what I could do or try??



What’s the extent of the damage…can you see any defects from just looking at it?

Not all data recovery service is that expensive. Shop around. Ship to the US if you have to.

@CD 1986: no, from the outside I can’t see anything unusual

@Jerboy: thanks, will take a look around.

If you boot into a DOS environment, is the HDD recognised?

I cannot boot with the hdd attached ( see above ). Also I think that the damage only can get worse if the hdd is often powered up.

Sometimes it helps to shake the HDD a little… but try it gently, as this isn’t exactly healthy for your drive (but you got nothing to loose I figure).

Have you tried Seagate diagnostic tool? :wink:
Don´t have any Seagate HDD myself, but to my knowledge they (HDD´s in general) can withstand rather high (half sine wave) shocks. = Non operational shocks.

BTW, there will be no damage only to “power up” the drive… :cool:

"BTW, there will be no damage only to “power up” the drive… "

I think that if the drive spins up with 5200 rpm and inside the hdd is something physically defect, somethink like a headcrash or so, the damage gets worse cause of the spinning…or am I wrong?

@dee-ehn: While shaking the hdd makes scratching noises… :frowning:

Think the only way is to spend a lot money… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


DO NOT power it. If dropping bent one of the arms to cause it to touch the platter, powering it up would be like taking a blade to a spinning disc reducing the chance of recovery.

About strange noises: two of my friend had the same problem, only the didn’t drop their HDD’s. The first one was transporting the HDD on the bicycle and it accidently “touched” the housing of the bike. It hit the piece very softly. And the disk went to hell.

Another one was always transporting his hdd in the pocket of his jacket or in a car (various positions) and it became broken too.