Hdd pasword

how can i recover my hdd password for my gateway?

try null in a WIN XP O/S

[QUOTE=DARLEEN;2550680]how can i recover my hdd password for my gateway?[/QUOTE]

Is that HDD still in the gateway? From what I know all you can do is hook that hard drive onto a external usb cable for the hard drive and try to remove the password otherwise you will have to wipe the HDD clean if you can’t get access to it. Otherwise you will have to take it to a dealer laptop with the HDD and have them remove the password protection…

Hi and Welcome![QUOTE=DARLEEN;2550680]how can i recover my hdd password for my gateway?[/QUOTE]The HDD password is set in the computer’s Bios. So enter the Bios and navigate to the section where the password is set. Then enter your HDD password and replace it with an empty one. For details, please read the manual.

Your only other option is to contact your computer manufacturer’s technical support for assistance.