HDD Multimedia player Firmware

Hi there, I’m i newbie at all of this…obviously…I have recently purchased a HDD DIVX player (Multimedia Player).


My problem is, i downloaded some firmware to upgrade the features on it. the instruction manual for the player said to install the firmware to the player, which i did, and to activate the firmware to turn the player on and do it on the t.v, in other words, unplug the player from the computer, and set it up as you would to watch a movie through your t.v…so i did all of that, found the firmware file on the player and proceeded to activate the firmware as instructed. then i message popped up saying “BANK30-LA-0630” in one box and in the other box “Warning Do not power off while firmware upgrade is under processing, it will cause a serious system hang up!!!”

To my luck i tripped over the power cord and the player turned off!!!, ever since this incident, i have been unable to watch anything off the media player, at all!!!

Here’s the manual: http://www.megawares.com/ebay/exthdd...ish_Manual.htm :sad:

As with any other device, if it is interrupted during the writing of the BIOS/firmware, it is now a paper weight. If it’s under warranty, have it serviced. Otherwise, it is likely cheaper to simply replace it.