HDD makers to see near-complete return to pre-flood shipment levels this spring, though high prices likely won't decline



HDD makers to see near-complete return to pre-flood shipment levels this spring, though high prices likely won’t decline.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2012/02/P7FGA1.jpg[/newsimage]According to a new report, combined hard disk drive shipments from Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi and Toshiba during Q1 2012 will fall just 20 percent shy of the number produced before last fall's devastating Thailand floods.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/hdd-makers-to-see-near-complete-return-to-pre-flood-shipment-levels-this-spring-though-high-prices-likely-wont-decline-59286/](http://www.myce.com/news/hdd-makers-to-see-near-complete-return-to-pre-flood-shipment-levels-this-spring-though-high-prices-likely-wont-decline-59286/)

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Wishful thinking or not…?


I hope they hurry up. I need a 3TB drive for all my Blu-ray rips. And before any MPAA/RIAA tools that troll this site brand me a thief, yes, I own the discs.


They will remain high because demand is still outstripping the supply. Don’t forget there is a catchup period from the last few months.

Of course many of the cynical amongst us will see it as just more price gouging by the companies/retailers. One way to tell is to look on some sistes like Ebuyer who show their current stock levels and see if they have hundreds or only a few in stock and how long they last. If hundreds and it stays at that level then yes it’s probably just gouging.


Just saw an external usb2 with 2TB here for €99, few months earlier price was at €59 and €79 with usb3.


When I looked in november and the retailers like Tiger Direct and Newegg
were selling the drives I was interested in for TRIPLE what the price had been (checking against newegg invoices of past purchases) while Western Digital’s MSRP had merely doubled there is No doubt whatsoever that some serious gouging was going on.

… and likely still is going on.

I simply will not buy drives until the prices fall back to pre-flood levels.



Q1 2012 will have 30% of the reduction absorbed by increased output by China… that doesn’t mean that the DIRT CHEAP production labor from the Thailand will return to pre-production levels by late April. Still, the street price for a 1tb drive remains locked between $85 - $100 street price. My prediction is we MAY get back to $65 sometime in late August, no way by late April… that must be some kool aid these analysis are drinking. Shaking out the speculative greed in the wholesale/retail chains will take a few quarters You also have to factor in rising retail prices due to higher domestic fuel prices increases overhead costs (eitehr real or imagined-- ie the price of gas goes up, so do your electronics prices along with the cost of everything else in the summer).

** You might even say that the highest prices you pay for products and service will now be in he summer months. Therefore companies can feel quite comfortable to start raising prices in the spring in a new round of speculation. This is not what I want to have happen, but it is a trend that is all too common since 2007 when oil pries saw their first flirtation with $100 oil and $3 gasoline. Now $4 gasoline is all too common.

BTW, with all this new cash these price gougers are raking in, where are the innovations like 4 TB hard drives?!? Still unheard of… these HD makers shouldn’t be rewarded for having 3tb drives as the lastest and greatest for 3 years in a row!!! Make something better goddamnit!!