HDD led lights when NEC ND-3520A in on, is this normal?



Hi everybody. I’m a newbie in this so don’t laught at me if I write something stupid. Yesterday evening I bought a new NEC ND-3520A. This is my first DVD burning I ever had (previously I had a Yamaha CR-R F1) and I have an issue I can’t uderstand.
I installed the drive and all seems to be OK (hardware and OS detection, configuration and working). These is my IDE devices configuration:

Primary master: Seagate ATA100 HDD
Primary slave: None
Secondary master: NEC ND-3520A
Secondary slave: LG DVD-ROM

The issue is tha when the NEC is on (its green led lights) the red HDD led also lights continuously (same time, cadence, etc.). It also happen when turning on the computer and stuck on GRUB loader (still no OS loaded). When I open the tray, NEC’s green led lights and also HDD led lights.

Is this normal or is a drive/BIOS/OS failure. How can I solve it?. Thanks for helping. Regards


Hi Fagerman
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This is normal on most modern motherboards. My guess is the HDD LED detects data on the IDE bus rather than HD activity. Hence, when your DVD drive requires DATA the HD LED lights in sync.
My system is the same with all DVD burners, its never caused any issues on my burns or any problems on my PC.


Hmm. It could also be drive related. I’m not sure, but I think my LED now with MaDog 2510 2.f8 firmware always stays on, while it behaved different on the old HP520 based firmwares.


Mine does this as well…HDD light goes on when I access NEC 3500. However, my HDD is a RAID0 SATA and NEC is, of course IDE.


well it must be a firmware problem my external usb enclosure MaPower KC51U2 has 2 blue lights on the left and right side. when i start the NEC 3520/1.04/6th the light goes of press load and the tray closes lights go on data access blinken like the drives LED(Testet some other drives PX-716A Pioneer 109 the light stays on)