Hdd & dvd/ video recorder

:bow: hi my name is lou and i was wondering if someone could help me! i have a toshiba hdd & dvd / video recorder rd-xv45kb and i am currently getting an error messege when trying to dub from video to either dvd or hdd it reads system error 02-56 and then it turns itself off i have tried reseting the machine ie turning mains power off and on and also restoring factory settings is there anything else that i could be doing to fix the problem Loux :bow:

Start by going to the manufacturer’s site and see what the error code means. They should have an online manual or faqs which explain what it is telling you.

Hi Lou and Rob, i’m Mike.
I have exactly the same problem as Lou had, i get the message “system error 02-56” within a couple of seconds of selecting vcr, hdd, or dvd, and the machine then switches itself off. I also notice there is a small w flashing to the right of the time on the front panel display. I went to the toshiba website but there’s no link there to either finding out what the error message means or indeed to an faq screen. I bought this machine in june '07 from argos so at least i can look to get my money back as it’s still under guarantee, even though argos no longer sell it (it’s listed at the toshiba site as being a discontinued line). I’m going to ring toshiba in the uk in the morning to see if there’s any info they can give me. Did you get any joy yourself Lou??
I have the owner’s manual here but there’s not a word in there about this particular problem. If any of you readers have a solution to this, would you let me know please. Many thanks folks.