HDD & DVD-/+R combo reccomendations

I’ve just had my Philips DVDR980 die after a repair a year ago (a year after purchase), but that’s another story (See earlier post about the error message if anyone can help!

Can anyone reccomend a good HDD/Dual format disc recorder- I’ve been looking at the 160Gb Lite-On 5045 (in Dixons) that records on all discs. £292 from another dealer on the net. Great value, but I’ve read a couple of bad reviews (mainly about the terrible picture quality of the signal going through the unit, noisy drive and bad customer service from Lite-On).

Any opinions on this, or any other HDD/Disk recorders at an affordable price?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

LG RH7500 DVDR/80Gb HDD Dual format with DVD+R DL recording £299.95?


Thanks a lot. That looks like a good possibility- Just found it at Ask Electronics for £234!!


Found the page but not the stock, eh?


Damn! Looks like they are out of stock- it was in Stock on Saturday when I posted the link.Here it is again- the page is showing properly on my PC- just says OUT OF STOCK.


I’ve posted a new thread about this model specifically, if anyone can help?

Some may realise that my comment indicated that we had found the page (as those who chose to click on the link did) but since the “low price” applies to zero stock, ANY price is irrelevant.


Indeed. Some lessons are learned earlier than others. From a conversation overheard when I worked at Burtons in Leeds as Saturday lad…

Manager: Yes Sir, can I help you?
Customer: That suit you have in the window… how much is it?
Manager: A hundred and twenty-five pounds, Sir.
Customer: Well they’re selling it down the road in your other branch at £75.
Manager: I see Sir. Why don’t you go and buy it from them then?
Customer: They haven’t any in stock.
Manager: Well when we haven’t any in stock, they’re £75 pounds as well.

As I said - it was instock when I posted the link.

Well, let’s just see when they “get stock in” again - at that price, eh?


Some may be interested to know that it is showing ‘In Stock’ at £254 now at Ask Electronics. Bought mine for £299 at Richer Sounds and I think it’s a great little machine. I was too late for the Richer Sounds Price Match though.