HDD dead?

I think that my 20.4 Gb Fireball lct 20 Quantum died :frowning: I turn on machine and it says "no master, no boot device blablabla :frowning: ". have abit Kx333 mobo with VIA KT333 chipset. I tried my old Seagate 8.4Gb and works like a dream… At the bottom of the Quantum only one (green) LED is blinking (power I quess )and that’s all… any solutions or I can throw it away? Tnx

Check the connectors and jumpers on the drive… there may be something wrong there…

I am kinda assuming that you have correctly detected the size of your 20G HD in bios.

Some HD’s don’t like being on the same cahin as maxtor/Seagate.

Particularly Quantum. They often cause issues when there are other HD’s in the systems, and on the same chain.

ALSO make sure that you don’t have the drive jumper set as Cable select. Set it to master.

Dee-ehn connectors and the jumpers (jumper) are ok, set to master. Debro, Bios don’t recognize HDD… I think some chip died. :frowning:

And to finally check that it is the HD, does the bios in anyone elses PC recognise the HD.

If theirs does, then your MOBO is rooted. If it doesn’t, then the HD is dead.

debro, I tried that yeah… HD is dead :frowning: well **it happ. they say… TNX anyway :slight_smile: