HDCP DVI input allow Divx Playback?

I’m looking into purchasing a Syntax Olevia LT26HVX which has a HDCP DVI input connector. HDCP is High Definition Copy Protection, thus will it block ripped movies in Divx during playback? Any info would be appreciated.

Anybody in this forum have a clue? I thought people here would know.

I’m no expert but I don’t believe so, however it will be in standard definition and not enhanced.
You will need a compatible player that can communicate with the copy protection module so that the circuits will switch to HD mode, and the disc/file has to have the correct “password”.
If the Divx is not an enhanced HD file the problem is rather moot though.
Although in time there may be a work around when these HD screens/players have been on the market for a while.

If a TV features HDCP support, it means that you will be able to connect up equipment which requires a HDCP enabled device. A HD DVD player is an example of a set-top box which requires HDCP support over HDMI/DVI.

On the other hand, HDCP support on your TV does not mean that your equipment needs to be HDCP compliant. For example, some high definition upscaling DVD players don’t use HDCP and even these will fine work with any HDCP compliant display. Another way of thinking about HDCP is to look at how DRM works for DRM compliant MP3 players, such as the Apple iPod. You can play downloaded MP3’s as well as DRM crippled files on the player.

Overall, you will be able to play DivX content on that display. If you are given the choice between a display with and without HDCP, I would recommend going for the HDCP compliant model, since chances are that you will need HDCP support if you ever get a HDCP enabled high defintion device in the future. :wink: