HDBURN with LiteOn 52327S?

Hi all,

I have the 52327S and wanted to do HDBURN through Nero but I don’t see any write speeds listed and come up with a message along the lines of . . . not supported.

Maybe I don’t understand. I thought the only things required for HDBURN were quality CDRs and software that supported it. Would anyone clear this up for me? Am I expected to do this with a DVD writer? Is the format sometimes difficult to read in CDRW drives and easier in DVD-ROM (writers)?



HD-BURN is a Sanyo only feature. Liteon drives do not contain Sanyo chips and will never be able to write using HD-BURN technology.

HD-BURN, first off, is a feature of the Sanyo DVD-writer chipsets. Only Sanyo-based drives support it, and as of this moment, the only drives that are HDB capable are Optorite DVD burners. HD-BURN is unavailable for CD burners because it requires DVD-like precision. Furthermore, HD-BURN compatibility is extremely poor–generally, only the Sanyo-based drives that created the disc are the only ones that can read it. HD-BURN is not supported by LiteOn drives (or most other manufacturers’ drives, for that matter), and seeing as how HD-BURN has not been successful in catching on and there seems to be insufficient demand for it, it will be very unlikely that such support will be added by LiteOn or other manufacturers in the future.

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Both answers are good and I’ll leave it to you guys to flip a coin for a beer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had originally suspected that Sanyo was doing this in a proprietary “hope-to-be” industry standard. This usually wouldn’t be brought up but I don’t yet have a DVD burner and dislike splitting those 1.4 gig media files that float around. Had to ask . . . remember when 800 MB started becoming common due to mode2cd?

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: