HDBurn - How to use?

Hi All

Can anyone tell me how to use the HDBurn feature of my Optorite DD0201 drive using latest 2.30 f/w?

I have tried to use the bundled BHA Gold 5 s/w but that causes my system to reboot upon launch.

I have also tried Nero but i cannot find any mention of HD Burn. I can burn normal 700mb cd’s yet i have no option to burn the 1.4gb.

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Hi crestfallen
HD burning in fun and it does work. First you need a HD-Burn certified disc. I have some TDK Ritek / Maxell Ritek that have that certification. You can confirm this requirement by using DvdinforPro found at www.dvdinfopro.com. Then you need a burning program that supports HD-BURN. I use Nero 6. Select HD from the media - CD- DVD-HD and follow the prompts from there. I have burned a number of discs this way. The only downfall is I must play it back on the Optorite player. This makes it limited until more players support the technology

I hope this helps


Do you you mean the box where you get to choose the type of disc to be burned? Such as VCD, SVCD, ISO etc? In the top left hand corner there is a drop down menu but i can only select CD or DVD.

I i press ctrl-l to get the disk info. It shows available capacity of Blank media HD-Burn 1,406 mb or 79:57:74 at 703mb.


Something is not right. Check your preferences in Nero make sure the enable all recorder formats is checked. Also check that the burner is master on the IDE cable and that DMA is engaged. Check for DMA enabling on the hard drives. If you are setup right Nero automatically enables HD Burn with an HD Burn writer

I hope this helps

For chthomson

Thanks for taking the time to reply again.

I got a copy of Nero from my friend and i can now use the HD-Burn function. The first cdr i used, an Imation disk, works ok. :slight_smile:

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No problem
I am glad it finally worked

Keep on burning