HD VoD release before DVD release

I just posted the article HD VoD release before DVD release.

Today rumours came out that studios plan to release quality movies on HD VoD first before releasing on DVD and Blu-ray. This could be an important step since this will create a serious burden…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14646-HD-VoD-release-before-DVD-release.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14646-HD-VoD-release-before-DVD-release.html)

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VOD? Bah, still DRM infested. Pass!

Agreed. I’m sure it will also be ultra-compressed DRM-infected video. Next?
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Let’s see how many internet providers line up to support 20-30GB downloads.

“This could be an important step since this will create a serious burden for Blu-ray and could be disastrous for the format’s growth strategy.” Don’t worry, DVD still survive eventhough we have access to VOD since many years ago. And HD VOD? True hidef enthusiast will pass! Will it do 1080p? Lossless audio, DTS-HD MA? PiP? Profile 2 LOL? :stuck_out_tongue:

Growth Strategy? LOWER THE PRICE!!! Thats ALL you have to do. If it cost $99, I would buy one… not necessarily to buy tons of discs, but to USE as a dvd player that will ALSO do blu ray.

i can see clearly now… in uk we have this shit thing called stealth tax i mean a tv license, well here the facist government have th ball to be thinking why not get tv on demand and vod built up, and then we can sting the fooooooools for a internet license seem far fetched ??? :c