HD upscaling and Blu-ray performance

Could someone explain to me why an HD upscaling DVD takes so long to get started?

I recently bought a Samsung 1080P8 and it’s like re-booting my pc. Just to open the tray takes a full 10 seconds and when I hit play it could take upwards of a minute or two before any video occurs on the screen.

Is this normal or unique to the Samsung?

I’m considering purchasing a Blu-ray player and wondering if I should expect the same slow performance?

And lastly… any suggestions on which Blu-ray player I should buy?

This is completely unique to a specific player.

Many of the BD players are notoriously slow, especially on BD discs with BD-JAVA software.

The fastest BD players for loading and playback are the Sony PS3 and the new Oppo BDP-83. I’m biased, but I highly recommend the new Oppo.