HD-TV stuff help me!



I know this is totally off topic or on the wrong forum, can’t remember wich one, but this is about CD/DVD well playing CD/DVD

my problem is that I need help purchasing a HDTV. i need to know what i need for an HDTV with a 5-disc HDMI DVD player and a home theater system. like what cables would i need?, the T.V. i’m getting has HDMI inputs/outputs and everything,

that’s all the information i can provide right now,


The store where you are buying this stuff will be able to tell you what you need:eek:


Read here:



Thanks, you guys just came in right when I needed help the most.


I just bought a HDTV and a 5-disc up-converting HDMI DVD player and 900 watt sony HDMI surround sound. not sure what the hdmi surround sound thing does, i just plugged the cable in. :iagree:

I love my new t.v. it’s amazing, i chose my tv in less than 8 hours of intense mind puzzling :confused: on the futureshop website.

Thanks again, :bow:
Now i have go to sleep :slight_smile:


now i just hooked my computer up to my 32" lcd flatscreen t.v.


Happy viewing your TV and enjoy watching internet on your new wide screen.


It’s fine to start off here, but now that the thread has a clear direction I’ll transfer it to the CD Freaks ‘Satellite, HD-TV, Blu-ray and HD-DVD’ sub-forum…


TCAS umm… how do i watch internet? lol… i’m guessing that was a typo or you dont know english too well, or you… okay, i’m out of ideas now,


Yeah, just don’t buy the accessories there or they will try to sell you a $100 Monster Cable where a $25 dollar one will do, same with surge protector/noise filters. Shop around on the net and you will get comparable stuff for a fraction of the price. Don’t believe the Monster hype. Your HDMI cable will cover both picture and sound. If your cable box has HDMI or DVI out, consider a switcher box. If you have a surround sound receiver, unless that too has HDMI (only the very newest ones do) you’ll need either (in this order of quality) optical cable, 75 ohm coaxial cable or standard white & red RCA cable for sound.