I have set up a computer as a media centre and have a rear projector HD-TV spec Television. Is there a way for me to display a HD film on the TV through the PC? I am using a DVI connection and the graphic’s card will output at the TV’s 1280X720 resolution.

Should not be a problem as far as displaying it. Here you can download some sample material to test it out

Excellent, Just what I am looking for.

Microsoft offers around 25 HDTV trailers and samples to show off their Windows Media HD codec. These really show off what a HDTV display can do such as on my HDTV projector. Just note that a few trailers are DRM protected so make sure the PC you view them on (if different) has an active Internet connection. Unfortunately I don’t think Microsoft offer any HD movies in the UK yet.

Either way, once you see what HDTV looks like on a big screen, it really does make PAL look quite awful for while, at least in my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are currently 2 HDTV channels receiveable via ASTRA 19.2 ° East…

Despite Microsoft’s claim that DVDs with a HD special edition disc are only available in the US, I see that Amazon.co.uk appear to stock a few of them imported from the US. On Amazon UK, the disc cover photo looks the same, but the only other details it mentions is that it’s a US import (NTSC Region 1), contains 2 discs shows ‘Special Edition’ in the detail list.

On the US website, it mentions that an Internet connection must be present and one customer review mentions that the DRM system does this to verify the PC’s public IP address is within the US or Canada. :confused:

I’m not sure what movies you would be interested in, so here is one classic (Terminator 2) and another (Stormchasers) I came by while searching. Both say they are special editions, have 2 discs and are imported from the US.

T2 Extreme DVD - Amazon.co.uk

T2 Extreme DVD - Amazon.com

Stormchasers - Amazon.co.uk

Stormchasers - Amazon.com

Just note that as Amazon UK does not actually mention about what the 2nd disc contains (no mention of WMV-HD), so even though it likely includes a WMV-HD disc you may need to use a US proxy service to get around the IP checking.

Thanks everyone, have downloaded and tried some of the files and i am stunned. I have read about how good it is, but to see it for real makes it hit home.
My Media centre is not attached to the net (fed up with the risk of viruses and antivirus software clogging up my system) so I can not try the microsoft demos or risk buying the dvds. This DRM stuff is putting me off buying media. Microsoft should be made to stick where the sun does’nt shine.

I want HDTV !!

HD1 and the other one is?

I updated the European HDTV thread to mention about the channel ‘Astra HDTV’. Unfortunately HD1 decided to go encrypted :Z

For Astra HDTV, a Skystar2 DVB PCI card and a dish pointing to 19.2E should be ample with a fairly high end PC (see my HDTV thread).

HD1 on the other hand requires a DVB PCI card with a common interface (CI), Irdeto2 compatible CAM (costing around €260 together) and a HD1 viewing card which is another €200 from what I recall, quite expensive just for one channel HDTV. :confused:

If you use an IP proxy based in the US you can side step the location based DRM check for the T2 DVD as the DRM will think your net connection is based in the USA.


Go into WMP and Tools->Options->Network->Configure and select “use the following proxy server” and fill in the details from the above site and see if it works, you might have to try a few they tend to go down.

Or change the proxy in IE and leave the default setting which takes any proxy settings from the default web browser.

Edit:Whoops just saw Sean Byrne already mentioned that.

Thanks for the info. :cool:

Glad to see there is a way of getting around Microsoft’s region checking as I’m sure there are some disappointed customers who bought one or more HD WMV discs in assumption that they will playback without issue outside the US and Canada.

I tried a Brazil proxy from the list in Internet Explorer, went to Google.com and got Google Brazil :stuck_out_tongue: I did not realise there were any free ones out there as most anonymous proxy servers I came across require a subscription.

When using a US proxy and go to Google.com, is should should come up with the basic non-country specific version of Google, for example not Google UK, etc. Once your disc has been authenticated, be sure to turn off the proxy (or revert back to your old one), otherwise your browsing performance will be significantly reduced.

It would be better of Microsoft to perform a region check on the DVD player itself rather than resort to its online service. They probably do this for tracking purposes to count up how many are watching their movies. For several months, I always kept my multimedia PC off the Internet, but ever since I wanted to view the DRM protected WMV-HD trailers, I had no choice but to network this PC with my other PC (connected via satellite Internet) just to authenticate the clips.

Sad that the HD FORUM HDTV Channel is not on Hotbird anymore…