Hd temperature checking

i was wondering if anybody had any idea what sort of interval is optimal for checking the hd’s temperature?

ive got it set to every 20 seconds but do hd’s heat up and cool down that fast?

If you have intake fans blowing on the HD’s, there’s no reason to check the temps at all.

Since HD’s really only heat up under heavy use, that’s the only time you would want to check them, but again with adequate cooling it’s a non-issue.

i would have thought so but there was a dead spot in the airflow of the front 120mm akasa fan.

when doing intensive work the hd would overheat. think ive fixed it by removing the dust filter and the alumium grill on the front inside of the case.

It’s true enough that many cases are not designed for airflow at all. I have 6 HD’s in a vertical cage sitting right behind 2x80mm fans and there’s no heat problem at all. 4 of those are 10k Raptors.

You could also look for a heavier 120mm fan or make some airflow mods to the case.

if your HDD is relatively new, just use Everest or a similar systems config/diag tool to check the SMART readings…temp is reflected in near real-time via SMART…

well the one giving me problems is western digital 320gb sata drive the others are ok. think ive fixed it now by removing some aluminium that was restricting airflow.

i use hard drive inspector to check my hd’s temps.

You could just touch it.
(Just joking!:))

I’m not looking for a fight CDan but I had overheating issues with my HDD’s recently which had nothing to do with overworking them.
I had to fix a problem on my motherboard causing the system to crash without warning whenever I tried to run programs or when burning.
After the repair (successful) I had HDDlife pro running as part of the diagnostic procedure which showed the HDD’s reaching 48deg C!
I was running the computer with the side off obviously changing the air flow around the drives. Replacing the side brought the temperature down to 32deg C rapidly. This shows that the airflow within the case is crucial.
I use round 80 wire cables for my drives and have them clipped out of the way. My case is an Artic Cooling case which has temperature controlled fans throughout; PSU, case and processor all work extremely well keeping the fan noise to a whisper. The case is unusual as the PSU is mounted on the bottom at the front of the case and exhausts to the side and front of the case. There are 2 80mm fans mounted at the top rear of the case exhausting to the rear. The HDD’s are mounted above the PSU.