HD services to hit Freeview in UK as early as 2009

I just posted the article HD services to hit Freeview in UK as early as 2009.

The UK Office Of Communications (Ofcom) had made proposals to upgrade the capacity of digital terrestrial television in the UK, which will potentially enable HDTV services to hit Freeview as…

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Quote: “Viewers will need a HD capable set-top box and a HDTV set” The things could be kept more simple, the HDTV must be capable of DVB-T2. Don’t forget the definition of TV=monitor+speakers+tuner. This could be achieved by implementing some regulation, i would like to see: “from 2010 all HDTV must be DVB-T2 & h264 & 1080i compliant” :X

About bloody time!

about time really. over here, in the UK, sky television has currently got the monopoly on HD technology, and the box costs £300 (600 dollars) so it’ll be nice to see some competiton to hopefully drive the price down!! :X

Not quite true mate cable dues HD too