HD Sentinel with multiple users

Been testing out the trial, used to use speedfan but it doesnt have notifications.

I run a HTPC with 2 users online simultaneously.
The main user “rob” runs windows media center for TV, movie access. It logs in at boot and stays logged in always.

The second user is an account that I RDP in to administrate the file server side of the box, using a mod that allows concurrent sessions w RDP. It’s not always logged in.

What problem I have is that HD sentinel doesn’t share info between users, even when I put the folder the same for the data.

Running as a service also causes issues because there is no interface to check configuration or run tests.

Hi Robnitro,

Hard Disk Sentinel designed to keep all information, statistics, settings, logs in one location, even in this situation (especially if you specified a folder at Configuration -> Advanced options -> Change folder to store statistics and settings), to prevent confusion and storing logs in different (per-user) spaces.

However yes, Hard Disk Sentinel can run in one instance. So if it is running for your main user “rob”, then even if you log in with an other user, only to first instance (running in the Desktop of “rob”) will remain active.

If you prefer to access disk status information by the other user also, you may consider using enabling Configuration -> Integration -> Enable WebStatus option. This way the other user (even if he has no admin rights) can get hard disk status by a web browser, by entering http://localhost:61220
Or it can be used with the sidebar gadget (if you’re running Win7), see: http://www.hdsentinel.com/add-on-remote-gadget.php