HD satellite set up of Phillips DVDR3575H/37

Hello all,

So, I just got a DirecTv HD receiver hooked up to my main tv and now am seemingly unable to hook up my DVDR correctly in order to record. I think I followed all the instructions correctly in my Phillips manual book but still all I get is a blue screen. I am able to see the DVDR menu screen and my previous recordings, but I can’t see the tv coming through when I am not in those screens(which I was able to see before when I used to use cable).

I am wicked confused as to what I am doing wrong. I am a complete novice when it comes to these things! Will a HDMI plug simplify things? Because right now, using the manual instructions, there are so many plugs going all over the place that it is making my head spin. I’ve read about other people who have this machine and they were able to record HD programs via their satellite, so I am assuming this is not an impossible task to ask of this machine. Any advice?