HD responds to Target's Blu-ray deal

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As reported earlier, Target has decided to carry a Sony Blu-ray player for its only high-definition player this holiday season. This has prompted comments from Ken Graffeo, co-president of the…

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With HD-DVD as the far cheaper format, there’s no way Sony’s proprietary format will win. Blu-ray is easily damaged, and 15/30gb is more than enough - I don’t know anyone who would need 50GB on a disc for storage, and by now we all know that a feature length movie doesn’t even need 15GB. Besides, HD-DVD is more readily identifiable to consumers: They know what “HD” is (HD Radio, HDTV) and they certainly know what “DVD” is. Blu-Ray is a strange name and their “BD” discs seem like one step back from a CD. Nobody who bought a PS3 is using it for Blu-Ray movies. So if you take that away, and the cheaper movies, HD-DVD clearly has the lead. Target will figure this out soon enough when people don’t buy into YET ANOTHER PROPRIETARY SONY FORMAT. (Betamax, SACD, Memory Stick)

Yeah, you gotta hate those proprietary formats supported and created by a large bodied association, with hardware and software supplied by a majority of the consumer electronics manufacturers and film studios in the world… wait a minute, doesn’t that describe a non-proprietary format!!! But wait… that would mean that HD DVD, being only supported on stand alone hardware by one manufacturer (Toshiba), and one exclusive major movie studio, would actually be far more proprietary then Blu-Ray!!! Damn you Sony!! Damn you and your tricky ways, changing the deffinition of proprietary when people aren’t looking!! I bet they paid the dictionary companies 700 million dollars to do this!!

Will B fun 2 C Pioneer I mean Sony’s BD player in a discount store like Target. Who would think they spent all that money on home networking + user interface trademarks, not 2 mention Pioneer selling the same thing as “Elite”.

HD DVD has a technically better feature set at this point in time compared with Blu-ray. As to the naming, I first thought that HD DVD was a more logical choice for naming High Definition optical media as it was easily recognizable. However, it appears that a lot of consumers are confused about the naming as they assume the “DVD” in HD DVD means that such high definition titles will work on their existing DVD players. Look at the number of misguided customers on Amazon & other retailers who bought the HD DVD version of “Planet Earth” and expected it to work on their regular DVD player. So it looks like HD DVD has caused some confusion with consumers.

I didn’t think it would be too long beforte Dolphinius_Rex commented on hdbakr’s comments. His heart is in the right place, even if his facts are a little shakey. Go HD DVD, FTW !!! :slight_smile:

Ahh, DukeNukem, how I have missed our debates :slight_smile: Facts a little shakey? Sure I embellished a little, but could you be a bit more specific on that?

hdbakr, you’re so wrong on many levels, and in such a denial. HD-DVD has only one major studio exclusive supporting them while Blu-Ray has three, and that’s not counting the two studios that Sony also owns. BD players are more expensive but so what? What studios ultimately cares is the sales of the medium since that’s WHERE they make their money, and BD currently outsells HD-DVD. Oh and I bought PS3 for the movies. At the time I bought PS3 there were no games I wanted to play although I knew some day there will, but I bought it for the movies, and with the sales of stand-alone BD players falling behind HD-DVD players yet BD movies outsells HD-DVD, I imagine a lot of people bought PS3 for movies. As for the cost, check this out http://wesleytech.com/blu-ray-vs-hd-dvd-replication-costs-revealed/111/ The result might surprise you. Stop being a fool

Brian, Is your PS3 region free???

@ Dolphinius_Rex Sorry, Dolphy. I guess I should have been more clear. My comment was directed at hdbakr’s comment. “Nobody who bought a PS3 is using it for Blu-Ray movies.” That was a silly comment. Of course some people use the Blu-ray drive in their PS3 for movies. Why would you spend $700 and not use it. “Nobody” and “never” should be used sparingly, IMHO. :slight_smile:

old3eyes, No, it’s the US version. For BD playback, it plays movies from US/Canada, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong (but not China), Taiwan. DVD playback is region 1. It also plays DVD±Rs. As for games, while it is not region free, Sony did away with the region lock for games. Any PS3 game on the planet should be able to play on any PS3 on the planet with no problem. PS2/PSOne games are still region locked.

Many HD movies are limited such as transformers which lacks lossless audio because HDVDD is limited to only 30gbs. Check over at HDDVDWAR website for the real info. Walmart has expanded their BD section to double that of HD. Same for Target, and Frys. Almost all major retailers now favor BD over HD.