HD quality with the new DTV mpeg4 steam

heard that DTV will be broadcasting HD content with mpeg4 format in the near future.

how does the quality of the compressed mpeg4 compare to the current uncompressed HD content?

any guesstimation?

Here’s the answer you weren’t hoping for: It depends.

GIGO. “Compressed” is the key word here. Given a lack of over-compression, you won’t see any difference. I also think that calling current broadcasts “uncompressed” would be misleading. Based on past performance, I think it’s fair to assume that DTV will compress to the max in order to save bandwidth, so the results remain to be seen.

Cannot say anything about DTV, mpeg4/2 simulcast HDTV will start here in europe May 1st 2005.

just some info i got from people who work with the current HD content:

Cox HD digital cable is broadcasting at 1920 x 1080
Voom HD is broadcasting at 1440 x ???
DirecTV HD is broadcasting at 1280 x ???

I forgot what he said about the second part of the resolution for Voom and DTV.

how about Comcast?

Sony’s HD camera can take video at 1440*1080. Much better than SD digital TV.

There is still a lot of noise about HD in certain parts of the globe, as in Europe. Standard not yet established.
About mpeg4 you can have a lot of definitions and compression algorithms, so it you can not think about or compare to DivX without all the info.

HD5 for Europe has been started few weeks ago, finally. This and HD1 transmit over europe via ASTRA 19.2 nd 23.5 degrees East (Ku-Band) now in Simulcast (mpeg&mpeg4).
November 2005 german PAY-TV Premeire will start 3 channels (yes, only 3) with HDTV content under the name “Premiere HD”. Transmission will be made in mpeg4/H.264.

Thanks Chef

mpeg4/H.264 it’s quite a demanding norm if we intend to use the computer, heavy task for graphics and processors - and a lot of upgrades ahead.