HD PVRs expected to see significant growth



HD PVRs expected to see significant growth.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/08/GVRAPu.jpg[/newsimage]As TV viewers continue to embrace high-definition content along with standard-definition viewing material, the use of set-top boxes and other personal video recorders will increase in the years to come, In-Stat claims in a new report.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/hd-pvrs-expected-to-see-significant-growth-32776/](http://www.myce.com/news/hd-pvrs-expected-to-see-significant-growth-32776/)

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The problem with HD, is that if the channel has a flag on it, a 3rd party PVR can’t record it (allthough I’m sure someone could figure out away around it), which can limit you with buying your HD PVR from the cable co.

Which is what I have, and it works decent enough. Just expensive.


PVR’s suck donkey balls. Big time. I hate my PVR. All my recordings are locked to the box and the POS has very limited storage. There is no way to offload my HD recordings to a Blu Ray or whatever for permanent and safe storage. PVR’s are prone to failure and the day mine dies I will lose 5 years of HD recordings and be really pissed. And please don’t try to tell me I’m not supposed to take the recordings off the box. That concept can go to hell and burn.
On top of all this, PVRs HD quality is generally compressed CRAP compared to real HD content such a blu ray. How much did I pay for this thing again ? Damn…


I have 2 “HDTV” DVB-S2 PVRs with HDCP disabled and also a DVB-S2 card which also doesnt care about flags. :slight_smile:

Choose the right device and you can ignore © flags…

BTW, I actually can watch 5 or 6 “3D HD channels” FTA too.


Like it or not PVRs from your Cable company are here to stay.
So easy to program and use that even the most “Technically Challenged” can use them.
Latest models have External HDs of 1 TB, that will take forever to fill.
You can get your recordings off of the machine! Admittedly the process is ugly and time consuming (real time recording), but it can be done through the Fire Wire (IEEE1394) port.
Sadly, the Cable Company’s have the recording function dissabled for all “Pay per View” content.

BTW. Vast majority of box failures are caused by those who insist on placing junk on top of their box and preventing adequate cooling.