HD prices?

How much will they come down in price by the end of the year? Particularily HD-DVD players…

Wait, I’ll ask my wizard ball…

Honestly, no one knows what the future brings.

My glass ball says that on Dec. 2 at 4:46 EST they will be $288.42 and you can take that to the bank. My balls are never wrong. :bigsmile:

ha,ha,ha I just had to get that out!!about your balls! :clap:
good job! :clap:

Kind of a bogus question, but I thought someone may of had some insight. I am not looking for a specific number or anything. I have heard that HD prices will drop come summer time and heading into the fall. We shall see though.

I was just having some fun. :wink: Prices will probably drop before the holidays and if more products are available. But who knows how much?

I am waiting for the first HD-RW Drive, anyone hear any news on these?:slight_smile:

Actually it’s a HD-R drive, the Toshiba SD-H903A… supposed to be shipping by the end of February 2007. The RW HD discs have not yet been approved by the DVD Forum, as far as I know. The first computer drive will write to HDDVD-R discs, and is SATA based.

Yeah, same here, but there is no way I am buying one until they come way down in price. I don’t even have an HD-DVD player yet.