HD partition Wrong behavior...?

Hi all!! Straight to the point: there’s this laptop which has two partition in its hard disk, but when double click on “E:” icon (I mean not C: ) instead of showing the contents of the partition, it opens the “Open With” window… Any idea how could I fix this problem, please? :confused: I’ll appreciate any help, thanks in advance.


You are straight to the point, but your post could be a bit clearer.
Are you saying the 2 partitions on the laptop’s harddrive have drive letters C: and E: assigned?
Normally a hard drive with only two partitions will have drive letters C: and D: assigned, and E: would most likely be a CD or DVD drive.
Double-clicking an empty optical drive will result in a window asking to insert a disc.
Double-clicking an optical drive with a disc and getting the “Open with” window means no software has been associated with the disc type in the drive.
So, are you certain drive E: is a hard drive partition?

oh! sorry sorry sorry my mistake; how could I be so…! of course is (D: ) I just wrote the wrong letter :o :-s

Well, in fact we are talking about two partitions (C: & D: ), but for some unknown (for me) reason, when I double click on it, it just opens the “Open With” window, which I find very strange; since I do know this usually (normally) happens when the OS do not recognize the extension of the file it’s trying to open. It’s my sister’s Laptop, I’m trying to help her, but I have never seen this problem before with an HD partition…???

Thank you so much for your time & kindness, I’ll be looking forward for your next reply, it will always be a very valuable help.

Now, what is the operating system on the laptop?
And when you right-click the D: can you choose “Explore” to view the partitions contents?
Are the contents of D: completely inaccessible?

Right today I had e very long talk with her about this, so she had let me know a few other details that I consider important to know:

The Operating System is “XP Pro”, the laptop was normally working with the two partitions till it got a Trojan Horse (a big one), then that partition together with an external USB HD started behaving like I said before, in fact she told me that she has access to the contents whenever she opens it directly from Windows Explorer, but curiously!! she cannot open it from another window like My Computer, etc; at this point I’ve got mad as I know they are the same Win Exp just opened from different source…anyway!! she also reinstalled the OS like twice using different XP versions, but didn’t solve the prob. Of course!! none of the times she got to format the “D:” partition, and this is another thing I find wrong, I think after that virus, she should do a full format and create two clean partitions, but now she doesn’t have any free space to backup her 30 and so GBs of data…That is why I’m here! she prefers the problem to be solved without having to format the D: partition… :rolleyes:

Sorry for such a long post, I thought you might find it valuable for our purpose. Thanks again for your noble intention in helping us

…she also reinstalled the OS like twice using different XP versions, but didn’t solve the prob. Of course!! none of the times she got to format the “D:” partition, …[/QUOTE]

O.K., so two reinstalls of XP and the problem persists?
Were those clean installs or restoring from an image?
This is a shot in the dark, but have you tried reassigning the drive letter through Control Panel/Computer Management/Disk Management?
Try changing it from D: to like R:.
Then go to My Computer and double-click R:
Just see if the behaviour persists.:flower:

…yes two times clean reinstallation; NO restore from image, but remember she didn’t touch the partition with the problem, she just formatted the C: part. and after that annoying virus…? you never know what’s left behind…
Yes I thought about changing the partition letter but I haven’t done that before, so I didn’t want to do something without being sure; now you say it, I’ll do it, and let you know later. Thanks buddy!! appreciate your help, see ya.

Let us know if everything looks normal in the Disk Management Window for both partitions.
If the issue persists with the problem partition after reassigning its drive letter.
Have a look see, doing the following:
Right-click the problem partition, choose properties, then in the Properties window go to the Security Tab and check if some permission has a Denial checked. Below is a screenshot of this tab for one of my partitions.

If everything appears honky-dory, I can only suggest to re-scan that partition with anti-virus and anti-spyware apps, followed by Error-checking that volume by going to the Tools tab of the Properties window.
Perhaps another CDF member will chip in with additional suggestions.:cool:

hi! my friend, wish you had a pleasant weekend…
First, the changing of the letter didn’t work out, now I was trying a few other things like Checking the disk for automatically fix system errors" but didn’t solve the problem either…now there’s something about the permission settings and it is that there’s no “Security” tab on the HD’s Properties window…??? so this makes impossible to check that option (at least through that path)…now! something else happened and it’s making me more suspicious about the possibility to be a remaining virus(es) in her folders, because now her work’s desktop has fallen into a very similar problem too with its partitions (both in this case) the only difference is that instead of opening the Open With, it’s opening the “Search” windows…this looks like a very bad joke, but it’s totally true, I’m really getting mad!! and in this one She has Kaspersky installed and updated :confused::sad: and haven’t detect anything…

This may sound like a cop-out, but your best choice will be to copy the data on the problem partition to another hard drive (like, buy an external HD just for this purpose–they’re not expensive now.)
After you have a backup copy of the data, then use a HD partitioning software and merge the two partitions into a single partition(the entire hard drive will be one partition.)
Then, if you want more than a single partition on that drive, re-create the second partition anew with that same software.
All this assumes that you clean the drive of all viruses and malware first.:bigsmile:

hehe! :slight_smile: but I assume that if she takes off all viruses “first” (if there was any), perhaps there won’t be need to use the Partition Magic after…beside, if she buys another HD (which is a very good idea) then I think it would be better for her to do a full format and there won’t be need either to make any partition; since she already has another (new) HD where to keep her personal data…don’t you think?? :slight_smile: I think this will be the end of that problem, in any case, I feel thankful for your time and all your help, you’ve been really kind and patient, and that is something to appreciate the most. Thank you my friend, we’ll be seeing in some times…bye :flower:

…oh! forgot this: if you or someone else come to know lately what could have been the exact cause(s) that originate this problem and another way to fix it, Please! be kind and post it here, I will still need that information; which won’t only prevent me for the next time, but help a lot to whoever comes across the same. THANK TO YOU AND THE WHOLE “CD Freaks” TEAM!! :bow: :wink:

its all because of da trojan…usually when hd behave like that u should searh for a hidden file that name autorun.inf in da hd folder.normally this is the culprit.but most of trojan file are smart.they lock da show hidden file option so that everytime u try 2 change it,it just won’t change…u hav 2 find a way 2 undone.be it software or tampering with dos.once its done.just del da autorun.inf,update antivirus,check 4 anythin,cross ur finger n restart.it should had solve da prob…

Go google n type in “Malwarebytes Anti Malware”…You should be able to use it as a trial. It will find many that others don’t find…
You could have the “VIRTUMONDE” in there…That clones itself as many different Trojans.
Worth a try

P.S----Make sure that the “System Restore” is OFF…

oh!! I’m sorry for such a delay!! but THANKS to both of you, that was a valuable information which I really appreciate a lot!! I’m sure another users will too. After all this time I haven’t asked my sis if she finally formatted or not, if not, I’ll try that. thanks again mates!!