HD Monitor - Blu-Ray

I have an HD monitor TV, and get HD broadcasting through a Direct TV receiver. Would I benefit from blu-ray player/dvds? I don’t know if since the TV doesn’t have an HD receiver whether or not it would work, or if the player going through the Direct TV HD receiver would suffice. Thanks from this technology challenged grandma.

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You would need to have 2 HDMI inputs in the monitor, or some method of switching the inputs. Alternatively, component inputs on the monitor could be used if available. Apart from that, the only question is what you intend to watch on a Blu-Ray player, are there any titles available that you want? Of course, the Blu-Ray player would also play DVD’s, but so will an up-converting DVD player, which also would require additional inputs on the monitor.

Some folks use home theater receivers with upconversion and HDMI inputs for switching inputs on a mopitor that only has one input. Yamaha has a nice one.