Hd-lcd tv or Rear projection hd tv?

Ok, im finally going to buy a tv, but have a small problem, which is that i cant decide between a rear projection, of a lcd tv.

I have been searching the internet, and there are some high definition rear projection tvs, capable of outputing a 1080p signal, for about the same price as a lcd tv that can only put out 720i. (also the rp tv is 50" while the lcd is 32")

I would usually just go for the best deal, that seems to be the rear projection, but i dont like the idea of paying £140+ on a bulb every 100 hours.

Does anyone have experience with rear projection (preferably hi def) tv’s?

Do nothing till you have actually gone out and looked at the sets in action.

$ for $, the DLP RP sets usually give you more screen. Any of the better DLP sets will rival or surpass LCD image quality. But go look at them and decide for yourself.

I really like the JVC 1080P D-ILA series, and I’d get the 62" if I was buying today. Currently have a 52" model that I really love.

The only issue with RP sets is the lamp life, which can range from 6 mo to 6 yrs depending on your use and your luck. I keep a spare lamp around, but haven’t needed it.

Also keep in mind that 1080I/P is largely marketing hype. You will be hard pressed to see ANY difference in image quality between 720P and 1080 on any of the current broadcasts, certainly NO difference on movies. Only on a truly huge screen will the difference be apparent, but 720P look great in any case.