HD is psychologically good

I just posted the article HD is psychologically good.

It’s always fun when tech companies use dubious science to make themselves look good. We’re suckers for it, at least.
Take Sky+HD’s latest PR push, for example. The British HD box manufacturer,…

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Next time someone tells me staying in front of the HDTV watching movies and sport is bad for health, I’ll send them right to this lol

In that case, so are cigarettes & junk food

Junk Food makes Fat people feel fulfilled & content.
Cigarettes relax people that are addicted to nicotine, which lowers heart use and so helps your heart last longer …
Therefore both are extremely healthy for everyone.

Euthanasia is too good for the idiot marketters that came up with that proposal :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm…they say exercising is good at releasing endorphines as well, that is why people who exercise feel engergetic and “happy” afterwards. I wonder if watching HDTV is more healthier than exercising?

Maybe I can get my physician to write a “prescription” for a 60 inch set and a Blu-ray player with a library of films for “health reasons”. Then, I can claim it on my health insurance.

HD is psychologically good, mmmmkay?