HD is psychologically good

Jared wrote about this topic on the front page of CDFreaks:

It’s always fun when tech companies use dubious science to make themselves look good. We’re suckers for it, at least.

Take Sky+HD’s latest PR push, for example. The British HD box manufacturer, working with psychologist Donna Dawson, claim that high definition programming can help a viewer’s health and well-being in various ways, particularly in these dark economic times.

“Colour research reveals bright colours lift your mood and help the viewer to feel more positive, excited, happy or relaxed,” Dawson says in a press release. “Laughter has also been shown to release endorphins from the brain, the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemicals. By watching an uplifting film or intense sport event in high definition, fed up viewers can enjoy the invigorating roar of a stadium crowd in their living room, or a bit of escapism by transported [sic] to the setting of a far away exotic nature documentary.”


Colors play a big factor in affecting the mood and in a indirect way I would tend to agree a little bit.