HD in Australia



Hi to all,

I have read an intro to HD, thanks to all who contributed. My question is does anyone know what passes for HD in Australia?, that is what are the tv stations transmitting?




at the moment as in right now 7HD, 9HD and 10 HD are transmitting 1920x1080 and abc HDTV is 1280x720. Most of the time 7, 9 and 10 only do 1280 x 720

I should say this is in NSW


And when Slayerking says 1920x1080, it’s all 1080i (interlaced), and not proper full HD 1080p (progressive).

And nearly everything is broadcast in stereo or Dolby 2.1 sound.
I say nearly, but I’m yet to find a single program or movie broadcast in anything above Dolby 2.1 & and I’ve been eagerly checking everything I’ve watched for the last 2 months.

Australia sucks :stuck_out_tongue:
With the technology Australia’s adopting, we might as well go back to black and white … or perhaps just a sheet with a fire behind it, and a bunch of hand puppets :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys for your reply, I thought that Aus was doing something weird. To top it all off, I live in the country and digital tv breaks up all the time, to the point where it is not watchable.

I suppose the only reason to get a 1920 x 1080p tv is for blueray movies, via a player of course.



And bloody beautiful Bluray is too :slight_smile:

Even the 1080i picture that TV stations transmit is usually pretty good, and certainly a huge step up from the SD Digital channels they transmit.

It might be an idea to get a TV guy in to look at the your masthead amplifier & active amplifier. Some older models for analogue apparently introduce noise on the frequencies that digital stations are broadcast - which causes blank screens - I’ve never experienced the problem though.


Pioneer PDP-435HD

This is definitely one of the better-performing plasmas in its size category, and its good feature package helps justify the extra expense.