HD Home setup

Hello I am having trouble figuring out what I should do to set up my home theatre. I currently have an hp pavilion slimline s3300f and a subscription to bell expressvu. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out a method for which I can receive high definition encrypted programming on my computer. I will obviously need to purchase some hardware too for this and I’m holding off because I want to make sure I get the right equipment. Any information or solutions you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated.

forgot to mention my computer is running vista premium, and I want to try and use media center if that helps

So you want to be able to watch HD programs from your desktop PC? There’s plenty hardware available out there, start from AVerTV Volar Max or Pinnacle HDTV Pro Stick.

Hey, thanks for the response. These would be good solutions to my problem if I wanted SD encrypted channels or HD free to air channels. The thing I’m trying to do is get the HD encrypted channels from bell expressvu. I’ve seen solutions for this such as a tuner card with an attached CAM where I can put my bell expressvu smartcard into, but rorm what I’ve read they’re only available in europe and I’m currently in Canada. I also have a pci and pci express slot, both low profile slots though.

The Twinhan PCI card with CAM slot will work. Use a motorized dish and you are set for all sats. It is USALS and diseq 1.2.

hey yeah I was looking at that one, the problem is I have no idea where I could pick one of those up. on the twinhan website they say I could pick one up from canadacomputers but when I search for the brand on the canadacomputers site I get nothing. I did find this one on the website though: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250


which I think would do the trick since it has an A/v header? (I’m asuming this is to connect to the CAM) Now the issue is where would I be able to find a cam. The websites I look to find stuff are tigerdirect.ca and canadacomputers.ca and neither of them have CAMs, or atleast I can’t find them. If you know where I can get one in canada that would be great. Please let me know, thanks.

P.s. I already have the dish and everything setup so I don’t really want to go about installing a motorized dish, especially since it’s the middle of winter here right now lol.